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[Search] Plugin for edit information
I have a question, I don't know if the plugin already is there but i'm searching a plugin that make it possible that if someone edit a topic or message on the forum that they can set the reason why they edit the topic or message.

Now after editing you see "edit by:**** on ***** bla bla bla

I want that the editor can set a reason like this example.

"This post was last modified: Today 04:32 AM by GalaxyFreak - new version added!"

So I have gif up the reason "new version added".

I hope everyone understand me

[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
This plugin is outdated.
Prefere use this more recent one:
(03-06-2012, 03:56 AM)cfillion Wrote: This plugin is outdated.
Prefere use this more recent one:

Thanks, but the plugin what I want need to be only edit reason and the plugin that you shows have history etc etc, I only want to add a edit reason.

But manny thanks for helping me and the links!
Question about the plugin.

Nou if you don't gif a reason the plugin set als reason automatic "N/A". but not working here!! If someone set no reason the reason is empty and not showing "N/A".

How to set this working??

Second question (important question)
Is it possible to set the plugin that if someone not gif a reason why editing that only the standard reason is showing from bybb (last edit on bla bla bla) without the edit reason after it.

And if someone gif a reason that that the plugin shows te reason, is this possible or not ??
And how is it possible?

Another plugin that should be made core. I hope will see this in 1.8

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