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Not Solved [General] Marking forums slight problem
Not Solved

I have a slight problem with my forum. When I go to mark the forums as read, it loads fine but does not actually mark the forum as read.

[Image: Rul9v.png]

Thanks in advance Smile

Not Solved
let us have forum URL and a test user account to check ..
Not Solved
Url: http://malwareassist.sixserve.net
Username: Test
Password: malwareassist
The theme that is in use is nova
Not Solved
index_boardstats template , present link is like below :

misc.php?action=markread&my_post_key=&my_post_key= .... that is , &my_post_key= is twice . so delete one ..
Not Solved
<a href="misc.php?action=markread&my_post_key={$post_code_string}">{$lang->markread}</a> |

That is what it is at now, what do I change it to?
Not Solved
^ change to : <a href="misc.php?action=markread{$post_code_string}">{$lang->markread}</a> |
Not Solved
No, still does the same thing.
Not Solved
^ hmm., would you like to provide temporary admin panel access thru PM to check it ..
Not Solved
Okay you can login it with the test account and with the same password.
Not Solved
hmm., sorry, the issue requires help from someone more experienced and more trusted (may be support staff)
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