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Not Solved what happens if posthash in posts table is empty?
Not Solved
what happens if posthash in posts table is empty?
is there any drawback or functionality issue there ?
Not Solved

I haven't looked into it much, but it seems you'll have issues with uploading attachments if the posthash doesn't exist.
Not Solved
you might also have issues with quick reply
Not Solved
I'm having this issue, I was using advanced quick reply plugin (which signature stopped working) and disabled it but I doubt that has anything to do with attachments.
Anyway the posthash was blank for 7 attachments and in some cases these 7 attachments will move themselves all to a different post id and thread id....
I fixed the pid and tid in phpMyAdmin but how do I generate posthash for these 7 attachments so this doesn't happen again (the attachments moving posts).
My original post with this problem:

frostschutz provided me a fix for the posthash issue on this post:
(12-28-2012, 10:04 PM)frostschutz Wrote: This should reset ALL posthashes to a random md5 hash for each post and attachment. In phpMyAdmin, execute all three lines in one go.

UPDATE mybb_posts SET posthash=MD5(CONCAT(@salt, '-', pid, '-', uid, '-', @salt));
UPDATE mybb_attachments SET posthash=MD5(CONCAT(@salt, '-', pid, '-', uid, '-', @salt));

It shouldn't cause any problems as long as no one is creating/editing a post with attachments at the time you run this.

It works. Thank you Frostschuz!

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