Not Solved 100% height on Default Theme?
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Hi Folks,

Just recently started using MyBB. Installed the latest version. I started applying some customizations and have kinda hit a wall with getting the forum to go 100% height.

I have tried some entering some different entries in the global.css but had not luck changing the height to 100% (getting the #container to go 999px tall works but 100% just doesnt)....

Now I have heard the concept of "100% height" is/was somewhat a misnomer. Not sure what to say.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Or am I approaching this the wrong way?

thank you,
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don't know why you want to make it 100% =/ its better off as it is.
you can try wrapping everything in a new div and see if it works.
open header template and add the new div
then close it at the end of footer template.

now set the new div CSS as {height:100%;display:block;}
see if that works
oh wait, ^ the content will still be short of height.

here, instead of using height:!00% use min-height:100% in #container ....forget what I told above
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Hi t_virus,

I am not sure I follow.

Should I set attach the CSS attribute "min-height: 100%;" to #container and that is all? That doesn't seem to give the desired result.


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