Automatic set name of the link ???
Hello everyone,

I want to set something on my forum, I don't know if there is a plugin or something for it so I ask here.

If you set a link on the forum jouw have like this

is it possible with a plugin or edit some templates to set automatic on the links the name like this.

MyBB - community forum

So wat I mean is this>>>>

If someone have a topic called "MyBB plugins" and someone else linked to the topic you see ""

Now I want to set it not that you see the link but a name for the link like this:
MyBB plugins

So now the name of the topic is visible and not the link code, I like this better then a fully viewed link.

Is this possible?? and works this as well with No mybb links, so if you link to a site or something???

Manny thanks!!!
see url titles
GREAT this was wat I looking for!!

Little question (one more haha)
Is it possible to edit a template or something that urls and links are bold automatich????

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