Some Plugin Required
Hi ,

I dont know whether there is a plugin which exists which do the following.

1) Bump Thread
I want a plugin which will give Permission to Bump a thread..Once a thread is bumped the user should not be allowed to bump any other thread before a particular time like 10 Days or 30 Days...depending on the User Group he is in.

2) Custom Sale Thread
Like if some one is Selling Something in a post there should be an option to Bid..and also a time limit to Expire the Sale..when the sale expires the Thread should be closed..some thing which DigitalPoint has...Even this should be depending on User Group..

[b]3) No Follow and DoFollow Signatures[b]
No Follow and Do Follow Signature depending on user group also limit on how many links can be there in a signature depending on the user group..Also Depending on the usergroup Premium Members signature would be displayed to Guest and others Signature must not be displayed..

Please tell me which plugins can i use..or whether it is still developed or no..
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3. This is already by default in 1.6.6: AdminCP > users and Groups > groups > edit > and under "users and Permissions" tab, tick "Signature links have nofollow enabled?"

For 2. Check your PM. Smile
Does the above mentioned Bump Thread Plugin have the features of assigning user groups based restriction on re-bumping..??? ok..I tried the Bump Plugin mentioned above but it gave me an error...some thing like DatabaseEngine
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You've to ask support at author's site.

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