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Not Solved [General] New Posts search not getting new posts
Not Solved
Been having this issue for months and only just realized it.
Sometimes, when I search for new posts on a MyBB forum, it leaves some out. This is really aggravating on a small community because I want to read each and every new post on the forum.

Has anybody else been having this issue? I've had it happen on EC when it was on MyBB, MineBoard, and a few other MyBB forums.
Not Solved
Are you trying this URL: ? Its working for me just fine.
Not Solved
It may look like it's looking fine but it's not showing all the unread posts.
Not Solved
^ on this community, it appears that some forums are excluded from global search facility (esp. new posts & get daily) ..
Not Solved
Yes but on other forums I'm not getting all the unread posts, and nothing is excluded.
Not Solved
Some of our members are having the same issue. I can't figure out what is going on, because I am seeing all the new posts. They say that New Posts is not showing them every single new post, and that they're missing some.

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