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RuneS Forums (RSF) Rs Fansite!
Hello all and I am proud to announce that RuneS Forums is now up! RuneS Forums or RSF is a runescape fansite that needs some members. If you play runescape then just go to
and sign up today! I am currently looking for staff.
(2012-03-10, 09:40 PM)jecybuski Wrote: not up!

Not up or Now up ?? Toungue
now my bad lol
A theme having to do more with runescape may help Smile
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Yea i know I was thinking about that but i really don't want to spend cash on one at the moment. At least until i get more members.
My god...the theme...

someone kill me!!!
You're not going to go far without a better theme, this one is frankly terrible. Also, try to get some unique content on there.
It's a working progress. What I was thinking of doing is working on the website section by section like that. But as the theme its temporary. And plus I started the website about 2 days ago so it's fairly new.

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