MyBB Mascot Naming Contest
Two months ago, we released the new MyBB logo and mascot.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=25703]
At the time, we said "the astronaut is currently unnamed; but you can help change that. We will be announcing a naming competition soon, so stay tuned for the details."

Well, now is the time.

Post a reply in this thread with your idea for the mascot's name. After we get a reasonable amount of replies, the MyBB Team will select their ten favorites. A poll will then be created for you, the community, to vote on the best name for the mascot.

Put on your thinking cap and propose some names! Smile

Suggestions will be closing on Sunday, March 25 2:38 GMT

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-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Bob The Spaceman. (Everyone's name is BOB)
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
Spacey Spam Soldier
Cheeku :p
[Image: wnoqK.png]
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Marvin the massively endowed MyBB mascot.
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
[Image: banner_728.png]
(2012-03-11, 03:36 AM)WebOutfit Wrote: Spacey Spam Soldier

I like this one :p Or maybe, Sam (Spencer?) the spam fighting Astronaut.
Buck Rogers!

Myles Brandon Brown seems like a good name to me.

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