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Not Solved wwwthreads to MyBB?
Not Solved
I have 10 year old wwwthreads 5.4.4, I like MyBB, but I could not find any conversion script to import wwwthreads data into MyBB database? vBulletin claims they have conversion tool, I think the way to get around this problem is to convert wwwthreads -> vBulletin -> MyBB, I will appreciate if someone can give me some advices before I spend $380 on vBulletin.
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I have never heard of wwwthreads. I doubt that a tool will be made for it.

You should see if phpBB or SMF has a tool, and if so, convert to them, and then to MyBB.

vB4 is not fully supported yet though. I have heard that the vb3 converter works with vb4 fairly well, but there is a vB4 one in the works, IIRC.

Hope this helps you a bit! Smile
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GV is correct, wwwthreads will not be supported. You will need to find a middle ground conversion first.
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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Holy crap. wwwthreads! I stopped using that in the 90s. You should be able to do a convert.

Do you still run the perl flat file version of wwwthreads? If you converted to a DB (mysql) style it should be easier to do a conversion.

Curious if you can link to your site or maybe just PM me.
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wwwthreads 5.4.4 uses MySQL database, cgi files are Perl scripts, my site is at
Not Solved
If it uses MySQL, then it should be doable. Dylan (or another staff member, or maybe just labrocca) may ask you for a copy of the SQL file to be posted in the private inquiries section (if labrocca, then he can't use Private Inquiries either). This will allow them to see the layout of the data so that it can be read and inserted into a MyBB database.

Only staff (and those who create their own threads) can access the private inquiries section.
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I can send cgi Perl scripts and database schema to whoever can help, where is the private inquiries section?
my site has 17000 members, and I found many wwwthreads users on Internet are stuck with wwwthreads, because there is no script to import data into MyBB database
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Private Inquiries is at (no need to post there yet, though).
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wwwthreads will not be supported by the Merge System. Your best bet is to PM labrocca and find out what he is willing to do for you.
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ok, I have sent pm to labrocca.

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