Not Solved Theme problems.
Not Solved
Hello People. I've got a problem with the theme for myBB forum.
I'm new to this, so if the error i've made is a dumb one. Dont mark me as a fool Wink

Well here is my problem.
Yesterday i created a myBB forum. I downloaded the theme ''BlackEvo4-space''. I extracted the files to ''My site'' on FileZilla and then i Imported the theme and set'd it as Default.
I folow'd this video when i made it:

The result?
Well it's not what i've wished for, if you could call it that. Here is a picture of how my forum is looking:
[Image: bi77yq.jpg]
And here is a picture of how i want it to look:
[Image: rbl5si.jpg]
So why issen't it looking like that?
If anyone could help me i would be greatfull.

Greetings, k0zii
Not Solved
It appears that you didn't upload the images

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