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Not Solved Forumsdisplay cache error
Not Solved
Hi all,

I've been having a bit of an odd error that I can't seem to correct.

On a daily basis at some point something happens to my forums whereby if a user clicks on a link to a Forum Subcategory, Firefox, IE, etc returns a totally blank page Huh

If I log into my Admin CP and rebuild the forumsdisplay cache it functions as normal and my users can see the categories and threads.

I have tried re-running the update, file verification, clearing all the caches, optimizing the database, etc and to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated Cool

Website is located at and I am running the latest release 1.6.6
Not Solved
Nobody have a clue?
Not Solved
Try enabling PHP errors (either displaying them, or logging them).
Not Solved
(2012-03-15, 05:42 AM)Yumi Wrote: Try enabling PHP errors (either displaying them, or logging them).

How do i do that?
Not Solved
Run a file verification on your forum and make sure all your files are okay.

Ensure that you have correct CHMOD permissions for the folders & files.
All sub-folders of ./cache/themes should be set to 777 along with ./cache & ./cache/themes folders.

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