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How much are you selling it for?
Please PM with offers Smile
Pming you with my offer to you. Please get on msn when you get a chance. So we can talk more 1 on 1 and be able to negotiate a deal.
[Image: wPk6qao.png]
Been messaging you on msn, no reply Smile
Pm sent.
Ive updated the first post with more information about what I have to offer.
What the hell, I offer you $100 and you declined it and now you're asking for just $50. That's weird.
[Image: 76561198094087316.png]
What details of what I am selling has changed, hosting is no longer included which accounted for over $50.
Ill PM you with full details.

Also just to add, there is another domain up for sale with this forum. &
I will buy it right now for 50 dollars. Contacting you on msn now.

Making the purchase tomorrow, we have came to agreement.
[Image: wPk6qao.png]
Well hope all goes well then because I'm part of the forum.

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