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Not Solved [Upgrading] unable to upgrading from mybb version 1.65 to 1.66
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
hell sir, my forum url is . i am using mybb 1.65 and i want to upgrade to 1.66 . . i had upload all the file . but when upgrading following error occure . MyBB Installation Wizard
Upgrade Process
Templates Reverted
Fatal error : [SQL] [1226] User 'u173249457_unyze' has exceeded the 'max_updates' resource (current value: 500)
UPDATE mybb_templates SET template=' {$lang->add_public_event} | {$lang->add_private_event} ', version='1400', dateline='1332528217' WHERE title='calendar_addeventlink' AND sid='-2' in /home/u173249457/public_html/inc/db_mysqli.php on line 557
Not Solved
sounds like a host issue to me?

you could ask your host to increase your max_updates if you do not have access to it yourself.
Quote:t_virus said:

I suggest you take a big stick and whack the host with it.
Not Solved
They limit the number of update queries you can run to 500?

Change hosts.
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