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Developed Assassin's Creed Forum - [Runs MyBB - Organic Traffic - Custom Theme]
If you are interested please direct your attention to the official Digital Point sales thread.
Site Url:


For sale is a 6 month old Assassin's Creed Forum, which is a popular video game for Xbox360 and PS3 consoles. The game is huge in many countries and is searched on Google over a million times per month. The thing is, people have no place to discuss this game. That is what this forum is for. With a custom theme priced at $24.99, custom artwork/logo/userbars, a good starting userbase/post count, and a very friendly environment that draws in 85% of its traffic with Google and search engines, Assassin's Domain is the forum for you.

Why am I Selling?

I started Assassin's Domain on September 30th, 2011 with the intention of creating a home for Assassin's Creed fans. I worked my lime off on SEO, purchased the custom theme you see, advertised for posts, and suddenly I lost my drive. I just lost the passion, and I gave up. The site had little activity, no SEO results, and I felt like a failure. But then I noticed something...people were posting. People were becoming friends on my forum. People who yearned for a forum to discuss their favorite game found my site off Google. It was then I knew this forum had potential, but I knew I still had no passion for it. So that is why I am here to sell Assassin's Domain, I am here to pass it down to somebody who can make it a success.


Assassin's Domain's stats are definitely something impressive, for the amount of time it has been inactive. It is a pagerank 2 domain, it has 620 backlinks, and a 6 month old domain. That will make any SEO adventure you attempt an instant success because of the foundation I've created. Here are the two stat trackers I used on AD, so I'll post them both so you can get an accurate reading.

[Image: 3qMuB.png]
[Image: ZqsxD.png]

[Image: RZWkK.png]
[Image: Iu38N.png]

As you can see, the site has a strong SEO presence.

What is included?

-PR2 Domain
-$24.99 custom theme from Audentio Designs
-Assassin's Domain MyBB Database
-Complete ownership of the board
-Free support from me (I will moderate the board for you if you wish)

Why should I buy this?

The possibilities are endless. People everywhere are looking for a unique community to discuss assassin's creed. I've give you the greatest start you could imagine. A great SEO track record, great amount of daily visits, active posters (and these people want to see the site succeed, they will help you out), a custom theme to separate you from the little competition there is, and there is infinite ways to monetize. I currently have an upgrade system setup for $5 per 3 months for members to upgrade their accounts. You can also place ads easily on the website.

If you want to own a successful forum, and you want to make it big, this is what you need. I'm asking for a $140 BIN which is more then reasonable for the money I've put in and the money the forum earns. Bidding starts at $20.00 and has $5.00 increments. Snag this before it is too late.
God I miss that theme now I have moved on. Are you allowed to include it in the sale though?
As long as I pass the license on, I don't see why not.
Authorization from to use any style you have purchased is strictly limited to one instance of application (i.e. strictly one domain on one server) unless you have purchased the Unlimited Domains add-on license.

If the design stays on that one board then I think you can however BitzDefender is legally the owner of the design under that domain, I suggest asking Mike!

Current bid is at $40.00
What design is it actually, I've seen it before.
(2012-03-28, 12:29 PM)Ansem Wrote: What design is it actually, I've seen it before.

Yup, it is an Audentio theme.

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