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Stop Forum Spam on MyBB (100% Success Rate)
This is a 'method' or 'technique' I came up with that combines multiple plugins to stop spam registrations and spam posts.

Plugins(suggested - required):
Credits to MattRogowski, ZiNgA BuRgA, - G33K - and for creating the above plugins, respectively.

So, now what? Nothing special...right? The important plugin here is Registration Question. The other plugins are just back up.

Access the security questions (Configuration -> Security Questions is in sidebar). Delete all the default questions, and create a question that says "What would be an acceptable acronym for this forum?" So if your forum was named General Boards you can make some answers:

Bots never guess these, and you can even add "(please use the contact us form if you cannot guess the question)," just in case a human cannot figure it out.

I went from 25 spam registrations per day to ZERO. This plugin is amazing when you use a creative question. The default ones do no good. Any bot can answer was 7+3 is.

And just in case a spammer does get by, you will have Spamalyser stop it dead in its tracks. And if THAT doesn't work, you can simply remove all traces of the spammer's account with Goodbye Spammer. This foolproof method will make spammers a thing of the past.

I'm aware anyone with common sense can figure this out, but people still complain about spam on a daily basis. This will stop it.

Thanks for reading, hopefully it helps some people! Cool
You can still get spam registrations with that plugin.
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What I'm telling you is you will get 0 if you do what I said.
I have this combo. I think I need to review my Spamalyser settings though.
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Only reg secure questions won't stop the spam.
(2012-03-28, 04:59 AM)crazy4cs Wrote: Only reg secure questions won't stop the spam.

If you use good questions, it will stop the spammers dead in their tracks most of the time.

Yeah, I don't have a super-high-traffic forum, but I do see attempts at questions, and it catches many bots.
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It works, my questions are also a bit difficult, for one exception, where you need to finish a lord of the rings quote Big Grin

I have these questions for example:
Quote:Finish the following: Arrr I'm a Pirate|pirate

The day in the middle of monday and friday is Wednesday|wednesday

If it is summer in europe, what season is it in Suid-Africa then ? winter|Winter

Which of the following is solid: Gas, Water, Ice ice|Ice

Complete the following: In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the dark lord Sauron forged in secret a master .... ring|Ring
(2012-03-28, 12:24 AM)BitzDefender Wrote: What I'm telling you is you will get 0 if you do what I said.

You realize that you cannot make that claim you will need to update/change the question every so often to prevent people from learning the answer and incorporating into their bots if they are dead set on spamming your forum
I'm not asking you to use my tutorial, if you are upset about something take it elsewhere. I clearly stated all I'm doing here is letting people know the default questions don't work and preventing spam is incredibly easy if you use your own questions.

Your points are irrelevant.
No need for goodbye spammer if zero get through.
I used Spamalyser and Security Questions. Spamalyser blocked over 5000 messages for me, security questions let in very few.
I also disallowed editing of homepage url and signature until 5 posts. These are more essential that blocking posts, you'll likely not notice them, but they are always there.
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