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Buying a Forum
(2012-04-09, 08:58 PM)bing Wrote:
(2012-04-09, 08:51 PM)Odin of Aesir Wrote: What do you mean, "not really bothered to be honest"? Do you mean you aren't going to be honest, or you can't be bothered to say?

i don't mind what the forum is about.

*Facepalm*. Save your $100 for a rainy day.
I recommend you to open your forum and to buy good theme. Pay someone to make some posts, maybe some cheap advertise somewhere. And you might have for a hamburger after that.
For $100 you can't buy anything with active members.
Jovan J.
You won't get a active forum though.
[Image: Kewlz.jpg]

^^ Click to check my rank. Big Grin
I can sell you for $50.
It's a fully set up forum, but doesn't have an active member base due to being overrun with spam(I didn't manage it at all, so I let it die). If you choose to buy it, I will clear up the spam previously, and hand it over to you.
The site appears on the first page on google for the keywords Skyrim Forum, and it could easily get in the top 3 spots if you add relevant content to it often (it used to be the second result before it got filled with spam.
Let me know if you're interested.
Hi guys i am looking to buy a forum again I could not buy a forum the first time i posted this as i had life problems etc. Also I have around 100-200$ to spend let me know what you got doesn't need to be an active site. Would like to buy a gaming,sports or a market forum.
I've sent you a private message.

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