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Curious about integration with Existing User DB
I'm looking to add MyBB (forum) to a site, however, the Main Site already has a database that contains the user names and secured passwords. I can change the password encryption method if need be, but I don't know exactly what it should be to match MyBB since it uses salt key.

I don't mind using two databases, and I would prefer the Login and Logout to go through the main site along with any changes to the users account, such as user names, passwords, and email addresses.

I do not want (if at all possible) the user to see anything to do with forgot, or change password, nor the ability to change their username. Because all of this would be done through the main site. With the exception of the forum preferences of course.

I would like to use a link that would automatically log them into the forum if they choose to use it, but if they are not logged in they would not be able to use the forum and would be re-directed back to the Main Site or Main Login Page.

"And yes I read through many pages of Integration on this site, however, none seem easy to implement, so I figured I would ask if there was another a way to do this." Since, I don't mind writing a php script to syncronize the two databases, but I am unsure of the impact it would have on MyBB and am I sure of everything that needs to be set to add, update and/or remove a member.

Read db1 and sync with db2... add user, update/change info, remove user... done
If user makes a change in DB1, it will be changed in DB2...
I can either match the IDs 1 for 1 or do a search.

I believe with the MyBBIntegrator tool I can manage some of these things, and use some code I found to create an autologin, but removing items from MyBB might not be an easy task.

Let me know what you think thanks!

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