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Not Solved Vacation for the Summer
Not Solved
Due to an overloaded schedule I will be away until August or September. The Support Team will be filling in for me as they can.
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Have fun on your vacation Smile
Jovan J.
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Bai. Hope you add stuff like IPB 3.2 support to the system when you get back Toungue
Not Solved
Poor IPB and vB4 people...

But enjoy your vacation! I need my summer vacation from school to start sooner and end later Smile
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(2012-03-30, 12:01 AM)Josh H. Wrote: Poor IPB and vB4 people...

Indeed Sad

Enjoy your vacation though, Dylan Smile
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I am jealous Dylan, but have a fantastic time! Smile

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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
have a gud time LOL
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Can we have an update on the merge system (IPB)?
Not Solved
I believe Dylan recently said he's nearing completion with several new modules, including the IPB one
Not Solved
Yes, I have finally returned and begun working on code again. However... I will be switching from development to support sometime in December and someone else will be taking over work on the merge system. I should have release candidate level betas of IPB3 and vB4 by that time, if not full releases. The new maintainer will be taking on the Burning Board module.

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