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A few suggestions here!
Hi all!

MyBB is a good dicussion board! It has features of VBullitin, phpBB and IPB to me! And I would like to thank the developer of this great forum!
Any way I would like a few chnages about the forum.

1. In the admin panel there should be a link where you can exit the admin panel and return to the forum. As When I click View Forum it stays in the Admin Panel and my forum is squiched in the right of the screen in the right hand side of the frame. I would like that link to exit the admin panel and go to my fourm index page with out frames. Big Grin.

2. On the forum index, all the forums/categories should align vertically in the middle of each line instead of aligning to the top.

3. Could there be template files for the forum (abit like what phpbb2 template files are like (the .tpl file xtenssion ones) So then it will be easy to edit the layout of the forum a little easier. As I have no clue of where to edit the layout of the forum too.

Thanx for reading.
1. You can do this yourself. Open admin/index.php, and find
<a href="../index.php" target="body">View Your Forums</a>
and change to
<a href="../index.php" target="_top">View Your Forums</a>
to oepn in same window, or
<a href="../index.php" target="_blank">View Your Forums</a>
to open in a new window.

2. Once again, you can do this yourself. Admin CP > Templates > Modify/Delete > *template set* > Forum Bit Templates expand > then in forumbit_depth1_forum and forumbit_depth2_forum, remove all valign="top"

3. Template system already exsists. As shown above, Admin CP > Templates > Modify/Delete > *template set* > then find the template you need and edit it.
Hi K776

Thanx man! I quite like the in built template editing system! I'll start editing my forum now!

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