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[For 1.8] Rate Me a Funny
(2013-03-02, 10:06 PM)raminr63 Wrote: I have this error in head:

Warning [2] ksort() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given - Line: 508 - File: inc/plugins/ratemf.php PHP 5.2.17 (Linux)

Please update your php version. That PHP version is from a little bit more than year ago.

Released: 06 January 2011
If there are still errors when you do that, I'll look into it.

(2013-01-04, 05:58 PM)poppin27 Wrote: The rating icons show in PMs. If you can, it would be cool if you could somehow make them not display in PMs? Good job on the plugin by the way, it's quite nice.

yeah just add '//' in front of
$plugins->add_hook("postbit_pm", "ratemf_postbit");
in inc/plugins/rate.php
with update for now there is no error
but after activate the plugin i cannot see any thing in postbit?
[Image: Untitled.jpg]

And lets i say i had to change this section in plugin to work plugin:

find_replace_templatesets("showthread", "#".preg_quote('{$footer}')."#i", '{$footer}{$ratemf_js}');

to >>

find_replace_templatesets("postbit", "#".preg_quote('<td class="trow1 post_buttons {$unapproved_shade}">')."#i", '<td class="trow2">{$post[\'ratemf\']}</td></tr><tr><td class="trow1 post_buttons {$unapproved_shade}">');

And now i have this :

[Image: image.jpg]

But some things here not good:
1) after click on images there is no spinner to show plugin work (such as Ajax work)
2)for multiple click on images this unnecessary message showed as i showed in picture

Thank you.
you can get rid of the "unnecessary message" if you want just ctrl + f and get rid of it.
I put it there to tell the user that the rating has been rated. it's made so they don't spam click on the image thinking it's not working.
Hi! Thanks for that plugin.

1. I'm having some issues with it however; whenever you click a rating, it refreshes the whole thread and goes back to page 1 of it.
2. If you vote something else on a post, it doesn't change your vote to your new click.
3. How can I, as the forum administrator, reset the ratings altogether, or on a specific post?
4. Also, if I edit a rating/delete it, it seems to stay under any post that received it but "broken":
5. Sometimes the refreshing doesn't work. I'll rate someone, it'll say "Rated <3" but never refresh the post to show the new rating.
I can't seem to actually add any ratings. I add them into the list but then they never appear as an option for some reason.
Hey, I tried to install the plugin but i am still getting this error / errors Smile

I am using a custom theme!!

Please help me Huh
I have a problem with these.

When I click on the ratings nothing happens? The rating doesn't appear it's just there.
Is this plugin still supported?
YES! I've updated to 1.8* and just pushed a new update for admins to add/edit/removing custom ratings

Fixed an issue

+ fixed deleting would break plugin on view
+ made deleting rating a soft delete so users can still see the old ratings that were present
I'm currently working on adding new features for the plugin. Any suggestions welcome!

I've just finished one of the new features (
Quote:Show the top rating that was rated on the opening post of the thread using settings.
[Image: 5.png]
(hasnt been released yet to mybb, but if you want the pre-release, feel from to dl from github ->

These are the ones I'm currently working on:

Feel free to suggest on this thread. I'll update it on github if you dont have an account.

I've just released new version of this plugin on the mybb mod site.

The update includes
* The ability to show rating of the opening / topic post
* Ability to Show rating information about the user in their profile page


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