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[For 1.8] Rate Me a Funny
Rate Me a Funny

This plugin lets the user rate someone a smile (icon) per postbit. There are options for the admin to enable for users to delete their rating by clicking the rating that they want disappeared again. Also, there is an option that enables for the users to rate different ratings in a post. All the icons are from


GitHub - Repository / Alternative Download

About installation:
1) Uninstall any previous versions
2) Replace with new version
3) Install! Done!

Report bugs:
Added AJAX integration to the plugin! Now users do not have to refresh the page in order to see the ratings.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
The download you are attempting to view appears to be invalid.
download the attachment until mybb approves my plugin. Smile

Mybb approved my plugin
Nice. Smile
In useres miniprofiles in their post bits does this include or can something be included to show "total 'agrees'" "total 'dislikes'" etc... in the form of bars and/or numbers.

Maybe even an "total average times rated"

No, but I can add it if you'd like.
Like some sort of "stats" in users mini profiles in their post bits to see how many "agrees" they have, etc...would be beneficial indeed! Smile
Hi, can you please help me with this plugin.

When I try to install it I get this:

[Image: 12grediant068.png]
Open plugin file and find;
$db->write_query("ALTER TABLE " . TABLE_PREFIX . "posts ADD ratemf TEXT NULL AFTER posthash;");
and Comment it out like this;
// $db->write_query("ALTER TABLE " . TABLE_PREFIX . "posts ADD ratemf TEXT NULL AFTER posthash;");

Now try to activate it again.

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