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Hi, after spending some time learning how to develop themes for MyBB i thought it would be a good idea to actually set up my own site to showcase the themes i have made and those available to purchase or download. I run the site and develop all the themes on my own, although that's something that may change at somepoint in the future.

The whole site is built within MyBB, adding custom pages where needed. The forum is mainly for support & requests although there are sections for latest announcements, general discussion & showcase.
Great site TheamFreak. Big Grin
Very good site. Good luck.
I like your Diablo theme. I'm going to send you a message because I'm looking for something similar for my website.

Looks like you are getting out of the theme business. Never mind then.
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Why are you getting out of the theme business? You're one of the most talented up-and-coming designers on MyBB in my opinion.
Thanks for all the comments. Having to stop for a while as i'm not going to have enough time to commit to completing custom requests or dealing issues with free/premium themes.
Love it looks awesome.
Quote:t_virus said:

I suggest you take a big stick and whack the host with it.

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