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Cool thanks. My host has been acting up, odd. Well I will bench them within this month. If this is consistant for this month, I will need to change host.
[Image: gantbarsigcopy9xf.png]
Your host do say they have 99.95% uptime .. guaranteed. Well I believe 99.99% (my host) uptime a month is around 48 mins max downtime (i think) - I did work it out one rainy-internet-down-day. Big Grin So if it's been down more than an hour or something then you defenately need to tell them... unless the problem is caused by "her" ("Mother Nature") (eg; Flood, Lightning Strikes, Earthquake, Exploding Ducks) then there's not much that can be done.
Yeah. My host is great. Il tell them about the odd time outs.
[Image: gantbarsigcopy9xf.png]
looks nice m8 Wink
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SQL connection error for me as well
Hmmm too many connections, why? Is it the bost again?
[Image: gantbarsigcopy9xf.png]

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