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can any one
can any one make me a MyBB site i do not have a server and really want a mybb site please make me one
This isn't MyBB support, I'm moving it to R/S/J.

I doubt you'll find anyone willing to do this for you unless you pay them to do so. Have you considered using a free MyBB host like FreeMyBB? It's free and you don't need a server.
does it include all the plugins and all that?
They can't include all the plugins, only the ones they chose to add (the most popular ones likely). According to them they provide "Tons of forum plugins / mods". I'm sure the ones you want are available.
hey the shoutbox one isint working and howw do i add more plugins on do i need a server ?
If you want to add plugins and other things yourself you will need a server of your own.

About the Shoutbox plugin, this isn't the place to ask. You should probably ask on their Support Forums.
Sad ok its really annoying me

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