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[MarketSwag] Hiring Moderators & Graphics Designers
[Image: 1ioe2.png]
MarketSwag is hiring

We are a forum which is currently being developed and will be open tomorrow or late tonight.

Our forums incude money making, a general Marketplace, a few general discussions and other things!

The forum has a custom theme and we're glad to say we have a strong administration team, our current co-owner owned a well known myBB theme development site (Jon) and recently sold it for a profitable amount. This means we're experienced and ready to take on new members.

We're currently hiring 2 new moderators and a graphics manager. The design manager will get their own user group (you name it/design the badge) and you get to hire new staff in a few weeks time. We currently have a little under 500 hits on our site since I announced it would be opening to a few friends.

Moderator Application
What you can bring to the team?:
What makes you stand out from the crowd?:

Graphics Designer
2 Examples:

Previews of MarketSwag;
You say "hiring". Is it paid?
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Well, I was going to give some money out depending on the sales from donations.
Doubt it'll be too much though haha.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Umm? I own, .com and .org... The f?
I am going to PM you right now as it goes.

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