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The Spriters Resource Community | 17,000 Members
The design does not really work though. It does nothing to establish the identity of the site or offer any visual cues as to what the site might be about.
We're going to update to Apart when we update our site's system - but really, we don't need to give visual cues as to what the site is about since you'll find the forum through the site...
I find it incredibly tacky when sprite sites or retro gaming sites use sprite icons everywhere.

But you are right, the design does need to update - which is why we're going to the apart series.
IMO a serious community should not just be using a default theme. You don't have to put sprites everywhere, but you should develop your own brand a bit ...
To be honest, the apart skins fit our design for the new site perfectly... So it'd just be a waste of time to create a whole new skin. This is just by chance, too... Only thing that might need tweaking is a few colours.
Do a lot of your members make their own pixel/sprite art? I noticed you have a forum for it, and I'm looking for someone who has said skills.

Would it be inappropriate for me to join the forum in hopes to find someone that might be able to make the kind of art I need?
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