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Social Plugin Quote

I'm looking to get a plugin that does the following.

Social Login/Registration
Users can login/register using the following networks:
  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. OpenID (Google & Yahoo)

If they're new users they have to choose a username. It can read profile pictures, birthdays etc from their social profiles. Twitter and Facebook versions of this are already available however I'd prefer it if these were integrated into one plugin.

Link Other Social Accounts
I'd like to have some sort of bar that has the following:
  • 0% - You haven't linked any social accounts!
  • 20% - You've only linked your {1} account!
  • 40% - You've only linked your {1} & {2} accounts!
  • 60% - You've only linked your {1}, {2} & {3} accounts!
  • 80% - Invite your friends to join!

If this could be part of the registration you can skip but are encouraged to do that'd be great.

Auto Posting to Social Accounts
Once accounts are linked everytime a user creates a new thread this message would be posted:
Quote:I just started to discussion blah blah blah @ http://www.

Once accounts are linked everytime somebody replies to a thread this message would be posted:
Quote:I just replied to blah blah blah @ http://www.

These would be opt out. Where you see the checkboxes etc underneath a new thread/reply form. If a user leaves it checked then it posts to the network.

Social Circles
There would be a section for all your social feeds. Default feeds would exist but you'd be able to add people to the feeds. If you add someone you can either add their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or their forum account.

The default feeds would be like this:
  1. Our Registered Users
  2. Administrators
  3. Moderators
  4. Social Feed (All your networks)
  5. LinkedIn Feed
  6. Twitter Feed
  7. Facebook Feed
  8. Google+ Feed

Status Updates
To go with the previous there would need to be a way to post status updates. Those who've linked accounts would automatically post to all their networks and the forum although they can opt out.

You'd be able to opt out of updating your forum status too. This means users could use the forum as a hub for all their social accounts allowing them to post to them all or certain ones through it as well as reading posts.

I'm just looking for quotes now, how much would it cost me? I'm happy for the person who does this to use existing tutorials/plugins as this should save me money and you time!

Obviously the more work the plugin would take the higher the costs. I'd like quotes for these:
  1. The whole plugin.
  2. Link to Social Accounts
  3. Link to Social Accounts & Auto Posting to Social Accounts
  4. Social Circles & Status Updates

Thanks very much,
Jack Clarke

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