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[For 1.8] OUGC Awards
Where are the feature list, screenshots and demo?

I am trying to install it, however it's requiring plugin libary. It redirected me to plugin libary, but when I uploaded it. It says:

[Image: q1l8azS.png]
You can check 1.6 screenshots from:
any help bro
this is the second plugin that i cant find ever after  installed my ay advertisement the same problem any help






No worries bro I figure it out I can manage it only with the original administrator now I can see both awards plugin and even my advertisement ..
thank youb
hi omar is there a way you can make the award appears on post profile for a set up period time and then disappear  from the post profile and stays for ever on the member profile
we like to let other members  that this member got an award but that member he may get a different award if he get another 2 for example we will have to take of some of his awards from his post profile but we want him  to keep the awards for ever  if its possible please and thank you
hello, my english is bad.

When I click the User Details on the price , then a blank page ...

help me. thanks
solved, error found...
Hello guys, is this compatible to 1.8.5 no bugs? Also can moderators add awards too , i hope yes, coz im not always onlie.
This plugin is compatible with all 1.8 versions, yes (this detail is notable in the MyBB downloads page). Moderators can also give awards to users, yes.
Thanks got it working! Where can i download graphic icons for the awards and what size should it be?

also do you know how to use sprites as icon ? this way one image to pull only

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