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[For 1.8] OUGC Awards
I'm still having issues with the plugin page being blank. I've seen the GIT solution by the duplication issue has been pushed into the latest release?
(2019-02-13, 07:26 AM)Omar G. Wrote: The only current way to do this would be to use something like RateU's Forum Promotions to promote an user to a new group once they reach certain amount of posts in a set of specific forums. Then, you can add an custom award to be granted only once when their are part of a such group.

It is probable than a similar trick could be achieved to remove the award if they leave the group likewise.

But with the plugin core as is it is not currently possible to do. It could be added with no major issues but it is not a planned feature. Though I admit it would be a nice addition to the awards task system.

Hi all!

I am once again working on a new project and was wondering if there is a solution by now to give automatic awards for a certain post count in several forums, without using the Forum Promotions plugin (solution above). Said solution worked fine with me before but I was wondering if there's a way to avoid using an extra plugin for this task. If it's not possible, I'll live, but it's worth a shot Wink

Thanks for any advice!
Hi @melodrama,

The feature you mention hasn't been added as of yet. It is possible it will eventually be added but work load has affected my development work for the past year.


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