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What spam plugins work for you ?

based on the replies I am now using reCaptcha and security questions. I have disabled rest of the stuff and even after 10+ hours it seems to be holding.

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If you use custom questions and switch them about monthly, then you will get very little spam.
You might get the occasional human spammer, but those aren't always common.
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Using Goodbye Spammer, Registration Security Question, Stop Forum Spam, ReCaptcha III and No Links Allowed.
No bots for me, unless it's a real human posting spam/adv etc.
StopForumSpam + RegistrationQ with custom questions = no bot registration at all.
how to install spamalyzer?
(2012-04-25, 07:10 AM)Muhammad99Izzat Wrote: how to install spamalyzer?
ZiNgA BuRgA Wrote:Configuring Spamalyser
Spamalyser has quite a number of options, designed to give the administrator a fair amount of control over the spam analysis process.
The defaults are relatively permissive. From my testing, you can probably reduce the Unapprove Threshold from 10 to 5 and capture a lot more spam.
Note that, by default, external lookups are disabled for localhost installs, but enabled for non-localhost installs.

I know there are a lot of options so it may be difficult to get your head around what they all do. You can try inspecting the log (clicking on the weighting will show how it's calculated) to see how some posts' weights are determined and perhaps get a rough idea of what some of the options do.

Disable Link Analysis
If you wish to, you can completely disable the internal link analysis routine. To do so, set the following three settings to 0:

Weight Per Simple Link
Weight Per Complex Link
Duplicate Keyword Bias
1 plugin, that's all I have. Registration security questions.
Way over the top but for extreme problems I found this by accident
plugins involved:
Date of Birth on Registration Created by MattRogowski
Invitation Plugin Created by cfillion
Registration Security Question Created by - G33K -
MyTheme Created by Terrorz

Twist-SD Created by Johnny S

I already used all the plugins then installed Twist-SD & noticed the MyTheme still worked but others did not using the theme. Since they are active but don't show up on registration page the fields can't be completed & you can't register. I then set Twist-SD as default with a notice on that theme to use MyTheme to change the theme before registering

Like I said for extreme problems & am sure could be adapted to any theme & to Johnny S it is a great theme just a little hard to work with
I use trusted moderators that are assisted by a couple of the plugins mentioned above. There's nothing better than using human management to keep non-humans (or 'bad' humans) out of your forums.

If they are human, they eventually give-up trying and/or 'reveal themselves' resulting in a hard warning and/or a temporary ban. (usually ending in a permanent ban unless they somehow redeem themselves)

Anyway, If they aren't human, which is usually pretty obviuos from the start, they get banned.
Registration security questions saved me Smile
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