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What spam plugins work for you ?
(2012-05-07, 07:41 AM)willsonlynn Wrote: I wanted to avoid Admin activation so I am curious what you have on your mybb to stop spam bot..

Goodbye Spammer
Registration Security Question
Required Approvals (1 post)
StopForumSpam for MyBB
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I somehow have the feeling registration questions dont work at all, as it shows almost no failures or total counts per question at all compared to registrations.
Because most spammers are humans now.


1. Spamalyser.
2. Approve new member's first post.

Done. Spamalyser is so good you may not need the second step, though.
I use spamalyser, approve first post and registration question. I also use default profile and have disabled the ability to edit signature and site links for new users.

My site is very specific, so the registration question reflects that. If you are not interested in what the site is about then the answer is not obvious. If you are - then it is easy. I think that is the best way to implement registration question.
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Using Cloudflare took care of 99% of my forum spam.
(2012-05-10, 06:05 PM)jmeeter Wrote: Using Cloudflare took care of 99% of my forum spam.

A lot of people report similar things (we won't catch everything). You can, however, use your CloudFlare Threat Control to fully block IPs and/or block by country to challenge all visitors from that country. This is good for allowing human visitors to pass & not spam bots.
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