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Not Solved Scammers
Not Solved
Hey, there are these people that keep signing up on my website, and they keep posting a bunch of crap about medications. All of them were advertising medications. So i banned all the ip adresses, but they still keep coming in with different ip addresses.

I recently removed the liscence agreement thing when you register, could that be causing it?

Heres one of thems profile:
Is there maybe a plugin that can fix it?
there website is apperently and heres one of the urls that he put:
Not Solved
Removing the license agreement does not make a difference. Please refer to this thread: it will explain everything you need to prevent further spam.
[Image: 76561198094087316.png]
Not Solved
They're spammers, not scammers lol. They're also not people, they're bots controlled by a person looking to advertise their products on a mass amount of sites. Follow the above link to prevent it.

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