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Not Solved Some Question
Not Solved
hi guys only some simple question that will not anoint any one

1-how can i edit my homepage by advance mod by html tages

2-how can i made an announcement on the top and it moving like the news channel

3-i have problem with bots i set google bot an member not quest but still not shown on who is online?

4-and where can i find shoutbox for mybb 1.6.6 cuz i need one i search on mod but nothing and thx please fast replay

5- and how can i delet the page that when you post an thread its say (your post has been posted you will return to old page)

6- and how i put an icon for my website

please i need an answer
MyBB From My Beautiful Board Heart
Not Solved
1. AdminCP > Templates > Your theme's templates > Index templates > index > edit
3. Have you submitted your site to google ? Click Here if you've not.
4. or
5. AdminCP > Configurations > Server and Optimization Options > and select "Off" in "Friendly Redirection Pages" option.
6. By icon, if you mean favicon then just upload a favicon.ico file in your website's / forum's root folder.
You can generate favicon.ico from here:
Not Solved
thx very very very very much
MyBB From My Beautiful Board Heart

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