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[For 1.8] OUGC Announcement Bars
^ find code similar to below in ougcannbars_bar template & remove it
<div class="float_right dismiss_notice"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/dismiss_notice.png" alt="{$lang->dismiss_notice}" title="{$lang->dismiss_notice}" /></div>

you can add .dismiss_notice {display: none;} at the bottom of theme's global.css
(edit global.css through themes section of forum admin panel & edit in advanced mode. after saving
changes to the style sheet hard refresh browser cache - eg. press CTRL + F5 - on forum index page)
How to make it to show only on index page.

I had v 1.8.0 and overwrite files of 1.8.6 after just deactivate plugin but now now i unable to activate or uminstall plugin .
can any help me in this both matters?
got latest updated one from github (older one was working)

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
   1054 - Unknown column 'startdate' in 'where clause'
   SELECT * FROM mybb_ougc_annbars WHERE startdate>'1486906242'

EDIT: Solved problem with admin cp, plugins tab, applied, uninstall from just plugins section and again instal and activated, so happy end, now plugin works like charm
For anyone experiencing issues updating any of my plugins, please read the update instructions carefully.

Unless otherwise specified, you need to deactivate the plugin before uploading new files, then activate again. Uninstall is not required when updating properly or if following the steps.
When adding a new bar most of the time it shows Invalid start date. Tried dates prior today too.
(2017-11-21, 05:36 AM)geekiest Wrote: When adding a new bar most of the time it shows Invalid start date. Tried dates prior today too.

Yes , i doubled that .. today , yesterday or tommorow it will give you invalid date ..  Huh
This happens if we select the same year for end announcement
if we select next year this will not give this error
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tq well  working
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Hi, I released an update for this plugin.

A new option to display bars only when threads that meet specific criteria are found. The tool isn't as powerful just yet but it does what I intended.

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