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The IM Forums
The Messenger World Devolopment team has once again started a new project (mainly because the Messenger World forums got f*cked). It's called The IM Forums. It's a forum that is 100% dedicated to AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Instant Messenger and most importantly Windows Live Messenger.

I'd really appericiate it if you'd register and post one or two posts. You can register by clicking here. Some of you may know that Messenger World was messed up for two-three weeks all of our members & posts were lost because our MySQL/PHP databases were messed up by somebody. Our eariliest backup was after it happened. Sad

Thanks in advanced to everybody who does register.
kool site, i think it may be a bit hard to get it running as there are alot of these forums, but good work with the site, hope all goes well for ya ;P
[Image: aso_banner.png]
@at0mik - Try refreshing the page Undecided

Does anybody have any negitave comments so I know what to fix?
Just to let you no you don't have a footer. Like nuthing at all. Toungue Also you address seems to be hit or miss. I had to refresh a few times just to get on or else I get page can not be displayed.
I suggest a fixed width. Also you may have too many forum categories to start off. And that icon you have is great but imho too large. I just think you need to tighten the layout out.
Ok, I'm going on vacation, I'll fix these things when I get back


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