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Not Solved Update to 1.67 messed up my hole forum thank you
Not Solved
After installiing (changed files) and running the update as described on your wiki everything has gotten messed up at my form in regards to custom CSS, templates, themes etc..

Not even if I delete all files on my domain and re-upload the backup files does it go back to how it was before the update.

Thank you very much

How do I fix this asap..
Not Solved
I think I know what it is you're having trouble with, but could you describe the issue further and perhaps post your forum URL?
Not Solved
Forum is now down while I try to replace the files I had downloaded before the upgrade

1. I downloaded the 1.67 changed files from MyBB site
2. I read the update information and continued to backup my site, both in admin cp "backup to online"
3. I then downloaded all the files in the /forum/ directory to local disk

4. I then uploaded the change files to the /forum directory and overwrite the files there
5. I went to /install/ directory and followed the instructions on screen choosing the 1.66 version as that where the one I had.
6. Then after that was finished I removed the /install directory and closed the FTP client.

7. refreshed my browser and default theme was shown
8. Went into the admin cp and templates and did the find change files as per instructed in the wiki

9. Changed back to my default "simplecorp theme" but then it was just plain default with out any of my custom made changes

After this, I have tried all the trics in the book to revert all the changes with out any luck


Here is the link, see the formatting?


Seem to have manged to correct the margins and width in the global css but still are missing the header area..

Theme custom color is back, but it seems there is an issue with the margin-left somewhere, the site is not really centerd even all settings read margin: 0px auto;

Header area is back by reverting the header file with an old one.
Formatting is now ok, but I bet my behind that the current css.file is nowhere near normal.

As far as I can see, i am 90% back to normal

Any suggestion?

I am also missing all the icons???

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