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Not Solved Zero Width Space added to a url, breaks the url
Not Solved
For some freak chance, a zero width space is being added to this url when it is followed from the page[b]%E2%80%8B[/b]05_11.jpg

This url without that E2 80 8B will work fine, but when it is manually removed it simply reappears when the link is followed.

What the url should be:

Link the the page on my forum:

NOTE: it's also doing the same thing on this forum. Try posting the proper link and you'll find that it's broken when you click on it.
Not Solved
I'm answering this post because I had the same issue... This is because of Wordwrap. Set value to 0 and the probleme is gone.

If you want to keep wordwrap, you should check here :

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