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[Premium Theme] Lights
This is how most of your themes look for me when you use .gif files: (also not very good when viewed with a smaller screen size)

Why not replace the .gif's with CSS gradients? Then you won't compromise on quality, it will be faster and support the anti IE movement.
It's not a bad idea, but I'll have to look in to it.
Jordan, you also need a very wide screen for this to work. Check out this screenshot from my 1280x800 MacBook.


Also some margin issues.


I think this is a good concept but it's not ready for primetime. You should spend some more time customizing the postbit and some other things.
Hm, okay. I think I'll take some time to really give this a work over. Thanks for the suggestion.
I'm seeing an error about unexpected $end in class_language.php.

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