Which one should I choose? phpBB and myBB?
In terms of features, which one do you think is the best? I'm using phpBB at the moment, and I don't know whether to switch over to myBB, or stick with phpBB.

Someone help lol.

Thanks to anyone who helps,
I am quite biased (obviously), but I'd honestly say MyBB.

We have a proper plugin system (and some great plugins to go along with it), great themes, great support (again, I would say that) and more. We also have some great stuff coming in the future in the form of MyBB 1.8 with many new features and changes for the better (such as a move to jQuery).
Considering you're asking on the official MyBB community forums, we're obviously going to say MyBB. Wink
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Well, I heard that phpbb does have hooks now, but that it is pretty limited.

MyBB allows for very easy plugin installation (upload files and activate in ACP 99% of the time). Very rarely do you have to manually edit code.

I think that overall MyBB is much better designed. Keep in mind that I was using phpBB and was fine with it, but I ended up swapping to MyBB too!
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MyBB. I hate phpBB. I only had one forum using phpBB and I completely hated it.
I won't say I hate phpbb but I greatly prefer mybb.

AS others have said though we are all baised ( and if you asked at phpbb they'll be baised as well).

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages though. My recommendation is get each set up and them each for about a week and see which you prefer.
Compare the features: http://www.mybb.com/features
Between MyBB and phpBB the answer is quite easy to me atleast.
Go for MyBB it simply is better designed, has good plugin support. And a bunch of nice plugins. The support is quite well from the community to so.
With the 1.8 update up ahead it will even be put into a modern jacket get jQuery etc.

There are though, some things for me atleast lacking. MyBB really is a forum software. While you can use the default portal this isnt the best thing designed compared to other forum software. Especially looking at SMF simple portal plugin, which is far superior to the MyBB portal.
Depending on what your looking for you need to choose i guess is the right answer.
  • Are you looking for a great forum software with an okay portal go for MyBB.
  • Do you want a forum with "okay portal" plugin and lots of game related plugins/themes, go for phpBB.
  • If you are looking for a really good portal plugin with a good forum go for SMF.

But thats just my opinion and ofcourse doesnt reflect other people's opinion.
anori said it all... I love mybb but the SSI.php from SMF is just amazing. And tinyportal is amazing too
I've used both software's for a certain length of time, and no matter what software I've used, whether it be PHPBB, NukeBB, XenForo, vBulletin, IPB or Joomla, I've always came back to MyBB. I can't stay away, it's just so amazing, and free!

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