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[PAID] Custom Mod + Posting
I have a custom mod request, and you can PM me (or post) your prices.

It's a moderately simple ones, I wish to replace the functionality of the who's online section.

Quote:147 users active in the past 60 minutes (19 members, 0 of whom are invisible, and 125 guests). Bob, Jill, Joe.

Quote:147 online (22 Group A, 100 Group B, 25 Group C).

Basically, it doesn't need to say the same names anymore and instead needs to show how many in what group (also, slightly different dialogue).

I'm quite willing to not have the mod exclusively made for me, and can instead be shared - I'll stay pay a fair price if I'm offered one for it's development (a minor job).

I'm also looking for a plugin that shows users a text notifcation (as if a PM) on the forum homepage when they're quoted, it can be removed by clicking it. It would need to say, something like:
Quote:You have been responded to on the following thread(s):
- Link
- Link

^ As before, paid request and willing to share. PM or post.

I'm also looking for professional people to do some paid posting on some of my forums (gaming niche), to help engage the community. PM me rates (+ experience?).

Thanks guys.
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