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[Paid] Need 3 plugins.
1. I'm looking for someone that can code a Donate page/plugin handling Liberty Reserve and Bitcoin currencies (by LR API and Instawallet API).

2. I need also a VIP Purchase plugin, that will use also LR/BC API's.

When purchase is made by LR, VIP are instantly delivered (with the award if possible), for BC, address are registered for verification as transaction can up to 5hours.

3. And I need to integrate the LR API in an Invitation Code system, and the ability to generate them without sending an email.

All deals will be done by PM there only.

If you PM me asking to register elsewhere or to go on Msn, the answer is no.

Payment can be made by Liberty Reserve or Paypal.

PM me your prices/timeline.

Ads can be removed at anytime, posted also on other websites.
For all three, you're looking at quite a bit of money there. I'm sure if you contact KoBE he'll do it for you. I always go to him if I want a custom plugin. He has done me several.
I don't want to register elsewhere, money is not the problem, time is.

Thanks for your post.
Hmm. I think he's a member here, I'll forward him here for you.
(2012-04-19, 01:29 PM)BreShiE Wrote: Hmm. I think he's a member here, I'll forward him here for you.

Thanks for your help.

Please don't PM me about integrating Paypal, I don't need this.

Your requests don't seem particularly hard however I will not have the time to devote to this. I will take the time to address some questions/concerns for anyone that stumbles upon this though.

Instawallet is, or already has, shut down.
From what I can see, (who has taken it over) does not provide an API to handle what you are requesting.

Can you elaborate more about the third plugin and what exactly you mean by 'Invitation Code system'.

Good luck with your requests. Sorry I am unable to do these for you.
Thanks for the answer, the invitation code is a free plugin already made, I need some modifications on it, that's it, for instawallet he can be changed to bitcoinica API or others no problem.

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