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[] The NEW/Great Forum [Promote Your Videos] [STAFF]
Recreating. So old xD

Easily one of the best forums around
Its alright.

What plugin do you use for this:
[Image: xoa.png]
Another forum with too many sections and tabs. Jesus.
Awww. I thought it was gonna be about fish.....

On topic: There is a really big gap between the logo and the shiny green marquee. It does look like you have used the menu bar from one theme style, the ribbon banner from another theme and the forum categories from yet another theme. It is not cohesive.

Tabs , categories - the usual really.
Random Fish and Sims Maniac
Help MyBBSupport help you - remember to mark your threads as solved

Didn't realize this was a 3-month old topic until I visited the site - completely different from the screenshot.
Yea, I should probably update that eh?
And you need 100k posts to be a "Big board owner" correct?
At 10k. Here we go.

I assume my footer sort of inspired yours? No offence but if you're going to steal something, at least make it look nice. It looks disgusting at the moment.
Or inspired Envira Toungue

Or be original.

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