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Profile Edits (can Pay)
Im looking for someone to edit my profile page for my users...I am willing to PAY a little something for looking for something like this:

also, i would like to add on the right hand column underneath the "Statistics box" the My XBL v2 plugin stats...the one that shows my recent games and stuff like that...also on the right under the xbox stats I would like the created albums plugin things to go there...where my users can put their albums of their pics there so that the other members can see it and look at it...I also would like to add another TAB called Friends...where it shows all my friends in a paged list with their avatars...and if possible, i would like to have the MyTube plugin added so that a user can input their favorite youtube video when they want...maybe it would be another tab also....and lastly i want to add a tab for my "my achievements" plugin and i was wondering if that could show up in the profile as well...i know it's alot and i am willing to pay a fair amount(we can talk about it)....let me know if you can do this....thank you....
I can do this for you.. shoot me a PM
Themefreak - High Quality Premium Themes
I mean unless you really need some one else to do it, it should be quite simple to do yourself. There are a couple different plugins. (This one looks really awesome, though I haven't tried it myself)
i can do this like a charm,pm me Smile,i even made a tut on how to make it
@ we the green people : yeah its easy once you know how to handle templates,for a newbie its a daunting task
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