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(2012-04-21, 11:04 PM)Irreligious Wrote: You don't need tabs at all, nor that number of sections. Think and reduce the number. For example, why do you need a tab for FIFA 12 and another for FIFA 11? Just make one section and if you want to, add some thread prefixes.

The same for General, you don't need that number of sections for general discussions. Just keep one (in this case, General Discussion) and delete the others.

etc, etc, etc. Make it simple.

Thanks for your feedback gonna start moving them around
If anyone wants to help the forum for free

Please may you show one of our ads on your forum

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If you have a large site and sell ads please PM me But if you do it free it would be very much appreciated

Red colored theme doesnt go well with this niche, but i guess its not too bad Smile

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