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Need a custom theme, can offer posts/content for your site.
I'm looking for a custom theme for my forum, , I can offer posts on your forum, content for your blog, or a mixture of both in return.

Details about the theme:

I want it to look something like , with a large image-based header, navigation links on top of the header, and a black/greyish color scheme.

Here's a tutorial on how to have the forum/post count like how it is on that forum: (scroll down to Yaldaram's post)

Here's a tutorial on how to have the IPB style statistics:

I want them added into the theme.

I can do the header image myself, so no need to do one for me. Toungue

Details about the posts/content:

I've done numerous succesful exchanges on ForumPromotion and PostLoop. I can write about almost any topic(in the English language only, however), and I can post both a mixture of threads and replies on your forum.


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