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Making post icons to apprear on thread listing

I am using board in Usenet mode and actually migrating from 12 years old forum built on some other platform. Users are asking for past functionality.

We used to have post icons showing before post title in threaded mode. I tired to achieve that with editing showthread_threaded_bit

like this

<div style="margin-left: {$indentsize}px;"><a href="showthread.php?tid={$tid}&amp;pid={$post['pid']}&amp;mode=threaded">{$post['icon']} {$post['subject']}</a> <span class="smalltext">- {$lang->by} {$post['profilelink']} - {$postdate}, {$posttime}</span></div>

However icons do not show.

What I am doing wrong? or it's unsupported feature?

Thank you

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