Discuss: MyBB 1.2 Released
prutsor Wrote:Where can i find this option? Can`t find itSad

Admin CP -> Board Settings -> Posting -> Edit Time Limit
Finally, I have been waiting for this one so long! Good job! Big Grin
Upgraded my forums successfully! Smile
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to xiaozhu : the link has problem

Posted it wrongly.
Awesome, im gonna upgrade now..might make more use of my forum now Big Grin

Keep it up

EDIT: Had a couple of problems, only my FTP being gay...and the fact i had the admin directory as staffcp, but i changed that, and its all working fine now! Smile
Yayy for 1.2, but I have an upgrade issue~

Nevermind, I just deleted and reuploaded a bunch of files and it seems to be working now~ so I guess something just got messed up when I was uploading
i had to restart the installer because my internet got messed up....now i restarted the installer and i get this....

Quote:Performing QueriesPerforming necessary upgrade queries..

MySQL error: 1060
Duplicate column name 'totalpms'
Query: ALTER TABLE mybb_users ADD totalpms int(10) NOT NULL default '0' AFTER showcodebuttons;
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Quote:(you may also wish to specify why its been closed, although on certain versions of MyBB, your message may not be displayed properly because of a known bug). Alternatively, you may choose to make a .htaccess restriction on your MyBB folder so that no one can access the Front-End.

can anyone instruct me more about this
how to make a .htaccess restriction,i'm just a newbie
thanks everyone

i just want the instruction link
Everything upgraded without any errors for me, BUT, as I had it integrated with my site, my site no longer works, I get this error
Quote:Direct initialization of this file is not allowed.

Please make sure IN_MYBB is defined.

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