Discuss: MyBB 1.2 Released
Yes, the modifications for the plugins will be overwrited if you are going to use MyBB 1.2/1.2.1

Most of the modifications and plugins for MyBB 1.x.x will not work for MyBB 1.2 and it needs to be updated to work with MyBB 1.2

You still have to use /install/upgrade.php to update your forum successfully.
When I want to modify the templat this is what I get
admin/templates.php&action=modify was not found on this server
Have you uploaded all of the files to your server that were included in the zip file?
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Hi Yeh I surely have. Working well except for not being able to edit template or upload a template. Also I have lost my plugin from Zaher with the easybanner and I had a search, login and most recent threads on tables to the right hand side but I haven't had time to look at those just yet.
Have been working on this all day so I need a break and will try again tomorrow.
Thanks for your help guys............
its awsome that its out now!

But depressing because we have to wait for someone to re-code the themes or attempt to do it outself.

anywho, does anyone have a tutorial on how i can re-code the template myself.
Big_Red2009 Wrote:anywho, does anyone have a tutorial on how i can re-code the template myself.

No. I don't think such a thing exist. Trial-and-Error is about all you can do. Best of luck. Smile
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lol thanx Big Grin im sure its not that hard, i just need to find a theme that works with 1.2 and change all the attributes to what my theme is..... if not, trial and error -_-
their are no templates to download, no plugins, no thread import, and no backup?
* Open your FTP and navigate to the forums inc/ folder. Download the following files to somewhere safe as you will need to re-upload them later!


we cant import because we dont have ftp, no theme import etc

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