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The Looking Glass - General Chat Board
The Looking Glass is a general discussion/banter forum with the ultimate goal of Internet inclusion and fun. We understand that the Internet is a vast region and we would like to try and capture this vast culture and embed it into these forums for all to enjoy, thus the inception of this forum. Over time there is a plan of becoming a rather renown forum, a rather active forum. Right now we are creating the building blocks for our future, which starts with you, the very few first members of the community.

Please, take a look at our forums: The Looking Glass. Let me know if there should be any improvements made to the site and/or theme, I would love to hear your criticism and make these forums the best that they can be (within our knowledge, of course).

Current Staff
Hadriel - Site Manager
Spirit - Site Manager
N/A - Junior administrator
N/A - Administrative Apprentice
N/A - Supervisory Moderator
N/A - Junior Moderator
N/A - Moderator Apprentice

Please refrain from asking about staff positions. We are very diligent with our selection process; we will contact you if we want you.

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